Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why the ALA Should Support the Boy Scouts

I've thought of a reason why the ALA should support the Boy Scouts, one that should strike a chord with the ALA Council -- to support the oppressed and marginalized groups among us, and maybe to stick it to the conservatives. The reason ALA should support the Boy Scouts -- All the Scout Leaders are pedophiles! Everyone knows that, don't they? I assumed that would have been common knowledge in the ALA Council. And what group is more oppressed and maligned than pedophiles? None, that's what! And conservatives hate pedophiles. The mean old conservatives don't want to rehabilitate the pedophiles into Scout Masters; they just want to throw the pedophiles into prison! I hear that in prison even murderers and rapists hate pedophiles, and you know you've got to be pretty far down the social hierarchy for that to happen.

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