Friday, June 30, 2006

ALFL Now Hiring

No time for ALA Reports, but here's one from the library:

Annoyed Librarian Flea Libary Employment

Check out these exciting job opportunities at the ALFL:

Change Agent
Now is your chance to enter the exciting world of librarianship! We here at the Annoyed Librarian Flea Libary need an hyperenthusiastic change agent. And what needs changing in a libary so perfect, you might ask? Simple. Bedpans! We need someone to change the bedpans from our Library Spa 2.0 Patron Pods. Required qualifications: mobility. $6/hour plus tips.

Dogsbody and Factotum
The ALFL seeks a frighteningly enthusiastic and gullible person to serve as the ALFL Dogsbody and Factotum. The ALFL-DF will remain on call at all times to fill in for any ALFL personnel who are temporarily absent because of illness or bottom-reduction surgery. The successful candidate will be issued an ALFL beeper and special ALFL-DF tee shirt and be allowed to sit in the ALFL children's bullpen when not required to work. Required qualifications: knowledge of reference, cataloging, systems, circulation, carpentry, and massage therapy. $9/hour when you actually get the chance to work.

Reference Cybrarian
The ALFL desperately needs a professional reference cybrarian to fill out its ranks of exciting and enthusiastic information professionals. The reference cybrarian will answer all questions asked immediately and enthusiastically or face instant dismissal. $19K/year plus tips!

Become an Information Professional Today!

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