Saturday, June 03, 2006

Great Opportunity in the UK!

This is pretty exciting. Something called the Pipers Corner School in Great Kingshill, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (I love those quaint English names! Makes me want to go read Ngaio Marsh or something!) is looking for a part-time librarian. Do you qualify?

This librarian has to be a "creative well-qualified, enthusiastic Librarian." Wow! I'm surprised they didn't use an exclamation point to show how enthusiastic they are! And all this at part-time.

The "successful candidate will work in a well-resourced, beautifully-appointed library." They sure like to use a lot of adjectives in High Wycombe! The Annoyed Librarian would fit in perfectly. She's well-resourced and beautifully appointed!

And the lucky person "will enjoy the benefits of working with a forward-looking, happy and imaginative team in the Senior School." Doesn't that sound exciting? Forward-looking! Happy! Imaginative!

Are they really happy and imaginative? And what about forward-looking? Do they happily imagine leaving the library, and are really looking forward to it in their creative, enthusiastic, well-qualified, beautifully appointed way? To paraphrase a famous English writer, perhaps the Pipers Corner School protests too much.

Hurry and apply! The deadline is Monday.

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