Friday, June 02, 2006

The Importance of a National Search

I'm glad to see Regis College is putting out a national search for this job, because I'm dying for the opportunity to move across the country to fill it. Wow! 4-5 hours a week! Doing reference and bibliographic instruction! And I don't even need an ALA-Accredited MLS! But I would need 3 professional references. After all, they don't want just anybody stepping in 4-5 hours a week doing reference and BI. This just shows that there are great reference jobs out there that you don't need a library degree to get.

And what's more, they're looking for another one of these positions for 12 hours a week! So they can have 2 library jobs that suck on the same campus. Cheapskates.

For all you reference librarians out there, this may be the wave of the future.

Information Services Associate, Regis College Library Duties/Description: Provide reference service and bibliographic instruction. Hours are: Sunday 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm (or 5 pm on some Sundays) for this part-time position, 4-5 hours per week during the academic year, plus on-call, as needed, during Summer Sessions I and II. Qualifications: Bachelors degree. Library reference experience, preferably in an academic setting, or completion of graduate reference course. Automated library and computer skills. Strong commitment to public service.Send: Resume, letter of application and 3 professional references to:Director of the Library, Regis College Library, 235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02493 or email to: library@regiscollege.eduRegis College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer strongly committed to increasing the diversity of its staff.


Norma said...

How do you find these gems? This is just awful. Maybe librarians all over the country should write in and tell them they aren't doing their students any favors.

Annoyed Librarian said...

How do I find them? Just good investigative journalism.

Anonymous said...

I experienced this annoyance first hand last week.

Believe it or not (out of desperation, I think), I interviewed for this jewel of a position last week--though I turned down an interview last summer for the exact same position--soon after I graduated with my MLIS degree.

I was asked by the hiring director that I must make a commitment (one year ahead of time) to be available for ON CALL status, whenever I was needed. When I said that hopefully I would have a steady job by next summer and can't commit to having ON CALL status for the entire year, I didn't get the job.

This director clearly can't put herself in the shoes of others, who deserve to be treated as professionals--clearly an important trait of someone fulfilling a leadership role.

Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times for those of us librarians who are unemployed.