Sunday, June 18, 2006

Library Patron Exposed to More than Just Knowledge

A twelve year old boy in Cary, NC found more than he bargained for when some pervert exposed himself in the local library. But fortunately the director was there with some words of wisdom that must have been culled from the ALA Talking Points Memo:

“One of the things we really believe very strongly is protecting people's rights to read whatever it is they want to read,” said Wake County Public Library head Thom Moore.

Well, that's good to know!


Anonymous said...

It amazes me is that he feels the need to bring that up. How about "We do not tolerate pervs or idiots. Apparently he was both." - Greg

mdoneil said...

I would hold him down while the parents beat him.

I can't tolerate perverts attacking children.

I also can't tolerate idiots who condone crime in the intrest of patron privacy. He is as much as scumbag as the pervert.

Annoyed Librarian said...

I may have quoted him very slightly out of context, but he really did say that.

Anonymous said...

No, I read the article AL. His entire response was lacking. - Greg

Anonymous said...

The thing I don't get about the director's comments are what does having or not having survelliance cameras have to do with reading privacy. Can't the director decide where cameras are going to be placed, e.g., check out area, walkways, etc.? I doubt that they would be placed library-wide as at Wal-Mart. Get a clue Mr. Moore. - Kyle

Norma said...

Glenn Beck should get this story on his radio show.