Friday, October 13, 2006

Illinois Confidential

This looks to me like a job that would suck, providing there actually is a job, which I doubt. I was intrigued by the listing on the ALA jobs page. After all, who wouldn't want to move to a town called Confidential, Illinois? But then I read the ad:

"A well established academic institution is currently seeking an energetic and outgoing individual for the following opportunity:
* ALA-accredited MLS with a minimum of 2 years professional experience.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
We offer a competitive salary and benefits package."

What an opportunity! LIBRARIAN! But that's not much to go on, is it? What sort of librarian do they want? I guess any old librarian will do.

And how established could they be if they won't even give their name? Are they so established we'll all just be taken aback with awe and be afraid to apply? Illinois has lots "academic institutions," but how many are really likely to impress us that much? The Universities of Chicago and Illinois post their job ads under their own name. I can only assume that this "well established academic institution" is afraid to name itself for fear of being laughed at. Maybe it's like the Suck-Ass Online University the Repressed Librarian worked at.

And it's not like this is some secret hunt for a director or a high powered executive type. I know those searches can be sensitive, and I know some libraries actually hire headhunting firms to get them someone good. Hard to believe, but it's true. But this dump is looking for a librarian with two years professional experience. What kind of experience? They don't say. Any kind of experience, presumably. But of course the candidate would have to have excellent communication skills. That goes without saying. And since communication requires actually communicating information, which this ad does not, the standards are probably pretty low.

And what does "competitive" mean here? We don't even know who they're competing against. The best university in Illinois is the University of Chicago, and I hear the librarian pay there sucks.

I smell a rat somewhere, but maybe my olfactory senses are just overdeveloped. Perhaps one of you knows the truth about this, and it's really a great opportunity for the vaguely experienced librarian.

"Qualified candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to:"

Hrpriority seems to be a jobs warehouse of some kind, doing secret hiring for all kinds of crappy jobs, from maintenance engineer to marketing professional.

This is pretty inspirational stuff, so all I can say is: Sign me up, baby!


Erika said...

Definitely sounds like a start-up proprietary career college. Often-times the accrediting agency will only tell them at first that they need a "librarian" with an "MLIS". I wish I didn't know this first-hand.

Anonymous said...

Colleges, businesses, and even certain government agencies have to employ search firms (head hunters) as there are individuals within the organization that are salivating to fill the slot - - but clearly aren't qualified.

If the passed-over individual gets wind of preferential treatment for selection of the new person, he or she can sue (or at least raise a horrendus stink). Use of an outside search firm can minimize this possibility, especially if the position description is posted, and all are asked to apply.

Too much in the published search-firm's notice can limit the pool of applicants.

Jusrt my 2 cents based on years of experience with the unhappy passed-over employees who believed they shoulfd get the job predicated on longevity and just showing up for work.

Anonymous said...

I just sent my resume. If I find out which university this is I'll post it here. Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

I hate to be one of those people who can't let flip remarks slide, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to be.
The University of Chicago is the best university in the state? It's certainly most selective and probably most prestigious (and Dr. Jones did study there under Abner Ravenwood), but is it better?
The University of Illinois, home of a huge library and fancy pants library school (we're tied with North Carolina!) is located in scenic downstate Illinois, home of beautiful sunsets, uniformly brickish buildings and blue skies. The Hyde Park campus is, ahem, not so picturesque.
And then, of course, basketball.

Repressed Librarian said...

SAOU *is* hiring two librarians, you know (thanks to two of us leaving within two weeks)--it could be the same place!

AL said...

Since we've apparently been joined by one of my UIUC readers, I'll amend my remark about the University of Chicago. Only if you judge by things like selectivity, prestige, and overall quality of the undergraduates will you rank Chicago above Illinois. If you go with the size of the library, Illinois wins hands down, since I know it's in the top 5 academic libraries by size in the country. Also, I understand there's a lot of corn, which is wholesome and healthy. You won't find much corn in the unpicturesque Hyde Park. On the other hand, the mere presence of a library school knocks it down a notch!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if the mystery library was at UIUC?

Time will tell... (and so will this blog!)

Anonymous said...

More on is here

Anonymous said...

I make a point of never giving my personal information (like a resume) to a company who isn't willing to tell me who they are first. It's only fair. Not to mention the safety issue. Thank goodness most government institutions aren't allowed to conduct job searches this way. It makes the pickin's a lot less slim.

mdoneil said...

I just sent Jim Billington's CV with my name on it. If I find out who it is I'll post it here too.

AL said...

The Annoyed Librarian loves you all! Please post a comment if you find out anything.

Anonymous said...

And we all love you, AL. Keep up the blogging.

Anonymous said...

I think that "well-established academic institution" just moved to Georgia.

Check out this link:

How well-established could it be if it first was in IL and now is in GA?

Anonymous said...

There are not too many library jobs in Illinois. A lot of them are part-time, substitutes. When there are openings, you will be competing with the part-timers. Also, there are not too many "great" library jobs. Illinois Libraries seem to hire paraprofessionals. Word does get out what libraries to stay away. One example is the IIT library. It seems the prestitous schools do not pay well. the public Universities pay more but then the location is downstate and not very desirable. If you are interviewing with a Public University more than likely they are just going through the ropes and they have somebody in mind.

Anonymous said...

What is the best way to find library jobs in IL?

Anonymous said...

To Find Jobs in Illinois go to:
You can also go to the ALA and limit your search to Illinois.

But, I want to warn you a lot of the openings are support positions and part-time librarians. there are very few full-time with good pay unless you have a technical background in computer Science.
Some of the fill-time openings that pay well are advertised every year. So, I am not sure what kind of "environment" it is to work in.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Springfield, IL.

If you are from Chicago, You don't want to go downstate. The pay is low and the natives are not very friendly. UIS hires almost every year for some reason.