Thursday, October 05, 2006

Library Fun

There's not much to this, but I noticed a community press release for the Cincinatti Public Library that gave me a chuckle. (Technically I think it's supposed to be an article, but it looks like a press release to me.) On the whole it's not bad for that sort of thing, though I'm not sure if "the Web can be a big and scary place for you and your family." However, my favorite sentence is about how to have some library fun:

"Another fun thing to do with our Web site is what we librarians call 'placing holds.'"

(I imagine a little Dr. Evil librarian making quote marks with his fingers when saying "placing holds.") Wow, that is fun! And all those people say the library isn't fun! This is crazy fun stuff! Get yourself over to that library's website and start placing holds!


Anonymous said...

Depends on "what" "they" will "hold" for "me." Doesn't "it?"

--Taupey the "Bush" Kangaroo

udandi said...

Seeing Cincinatti gave me a chuckle ;)

Bob h. said...

How I really enjoy "proper usage" of "quotation" marks!