Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Finding the AL

Because I'm too giddy with the Christmas Spirit to write anything even remotely thoughtful, I'm giving you a few more of the searches that lead sometimes unsuspecting folk to the Annoyed Librarian. This may be the last post of the year because I'm heading to the ancestral manse for the holidays. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Searches that actually led to the Annoyed Librarian:

what the stereotype are
I don't know. What do the stereotype be?

poop creek oregon
Someone in Belgium searched for this, and I think they might actually have been looking for the AL. Poop Creek, Oregon is probably the most distinctive place I've mentioned. Too bad there's not a library there, or I'd apply to work in it.

jobs at universities suck
Surely not all of them. I always thought being a fellow of All Soul's College, Oxford would be a great job, where you get paid a bit just to think and stuff. Though I hear the All Soul's dining room is terrible, so there are drawbacks even to this.
This one's led to the AL a number of times. Apparently Irish porn is popular all over Europe, because a lot of Germans seem to search for it, too. I don't know what's so fascinating about Irish porn, though. Possibly the leprechauns.

resume for charitable post
Don't think they're going to find much here, as I've never published a charitable post.

hot straight guys
Now we're talking!

the communist manifesto, comic vision
I certainly have a comic vision of the Communist Manifesto, but maybe this person was really looking for the comic version. I wasn't aware there was a non-comic version.

catchy phrases and statements about not giving up
Sounds like some manager wants to manipulate his employees by chanting inspirational slogans at them. Probably won't work, as the employees are most likely smarter than the manager.

monkey sitting at a desk
A self-description, most likely.

i can be a librarian
Of course you can, diddums! Just work hard and eat your vegetables and keep chanting this phrase over and over!

"library school" sucks
You're preaching to the choir, baby.

"university of chicago is the best"
Best what? But how can it be the best? It doesn't even have a library school anymore.

"tattooed bottom"
I almost reran this search, but was afraid of what I'd find.

you know you're from monmouth, il
Some poor soul from Iowa did this search. Perhaps there's a big Iowa/ Monmouth, IL rivalry. I wouldn't know. I wonder what the completion would be. "You know you're from Monmouth, IL... when the only place you have to look down on is Iowa"?

"university of illinois" sucks
But how can it suck? In the words of one of my readers, it has a "fancy pants library school," and I hear they have a lot of corn, or, as my people call it, corn.

walmart and attributes of a ?psychopath??
The odd use of question marks seems like an attribute of a psychopath.

a very hot girl
That's a very hot woman, thank you very much!

influential people in academic librarianship
No wonder they got to the AL.

foot adoration
Pervert. Why don't you just stick to leprechauns?


Erika said...

What program do you use to break down the traffic? (if you would be so kind as to share . . .) This could be a dumb question.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I've noted a few inferential references to foot worship on the AL, both in the posts and in the comments. It's either subliminal, or AL and her minions make such allusions out of pure hyperbole.


AL said...

Erika--I use Sitemeter:
There are probably better ones, but this one's free.

And Taupey, I haven't noticed the foot fetishists, but maybe that's because I'm really one and don't know it.

Norma said...

This baffles me. They've got to find these words in your text someplace. I never get exciting stuff like this. And I use sitemeter.

Norma said...

Merry Christmas from Norma

I checked again, and the most interesting request was a review of a type of toilet, but I'd actually written one.

Mohamed Taher said...

Happy holidays.
This is not spam comment.
I wish to share something with you as a librarian who believes in sharing knowledge 24 X 7. My 2007 resolution is a friendly deal to get more comments at my blog and promptly reciprocate.
Best wishes for 2007.

AL said...

It's a spam comment. Admit it!