Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Purpose of the ALA President 2.0

Back in ALA Presidency 1.0 days, whenever they were, I couldn't say what the purpose of the ALA President was. Posing for all those stupid pictures in American Libraries, I guess.

But these days, when we have entered the era of the ALA Presidency 2.0, I can tell you precisely the purpose of the ALA President 2.0--to provide blog fodder for the Annoyed Librarian!

ALA President 2.0 Leslie Burger posted on her blog claiming that great quote I noted last week about libraries no longer buying things that were good for people was taken "out of context."

I have no reason to disbelieve her. To tell you the truth, I suspected that all along, because I know how these things work. Reporters want pithy quotes. I learned that in my days as a cub reporter for the old New York Herald. In fact, the Annoyed Librarian was quoted out of context once, and people died! So I realize this is an important issue. But I don't care! Leslie Burger, I don't care if you were quoted out of context! What matters is that we bibliotek bloggers need something juicy to blog about, and it is your duty as the ALA President 2.0 to provide the juicy stuff for us! Your predecessor was a goldmine of blog fodder, and I expect no less of you. You will probably never top the inane brilliance of "Revenge of the Blog People," but darn it, you can try!

Burger concludes: "Lesson learned -- don't talk to a reporter about an issue like this 20 minutes before a board meeting!"

To which I can only reply--no, please, that's exactly when you should talk to reporters! After all, I need something to blog about, and some of my readers (you know who you are!) are growing weary of sly allusions to my shoe fetish.


Dances With Books said...

Now now, give her time. She just might give Gorman a run for his money yet. It's still early, but hey, she got the "bring the retirees," "the elite 100," she is working her way up.

AL said...

I'm already planning an end of ALA Annual post thanking her for all the great material she's given me.

Anonymous said...

AL for ALA Librarian 3.0!

Anonymous said...

I am just the umpire, and I calls 'em like I sees 'em.


Anonymous said...

PS: NY Herald...ha!...then I thought...cub reporter...sassy woman...His Girl Friday? I check IMDB:

Hildy wears black heels throughout the movie but when Earl Williams is hidden in the desk, she is pacing behind the table and is wearing white flats. The next time her feet are shown, she is wearing the black heels again.

SHOES! How do you do it?

miriam said...

Am I going crazy, or is it time for Leslie B to stop being ALA pres? Is she president for life, like Castro? Won't her term soon be up? Please?

When I was working in NJ, she was president of the New Jersey Library Association. Mercy, mercy! I say mercy, dammit!