Monday, May 21, 2007

Some More Finding the AL

It's been a few weeks since I've subjected you to any more searches that mysteriously led to the AL. But just in case someone's writing a scholarly article about this, I wanted to do my bit to contribute to some bad library literature. So here goes:

i'm not much of an endangered species hugger
Probably a good thing. Your hugs might just push them over the edge.

what can libraries do if black students harassed in the library
I suggest calling security, like you'd do if white students were harassed. Just because the students are black doesn't mean you shouldn't treat them with respect.

girls having sex with pigs
Are we talking literally, or figuratively? If the latter, I don't think any girls are going to have sex with you.

baby inspirational slogans
Do babies really need to be inspired yet? Shouldn't you wait until you've crushed their little souls with tedium before coming out with some stupid slogans?

video trash hard porno without load end free
Now there's a pervert who knows exactly what he wants!

porno where people get killed
Try "snuff films." Surely a public librarian could have found a better search term for you.

diaper lovers in wet diapers with pictures
This was a Google image search. There are some sick people in this world.

social work theory college student article tedious
I think this search could be more specific, since "social work" and "tedious" are so similar. Try narrowing your search with a non-synonymous search term.

do girls like urinals
For what? Art?

idiotic management fads

cleaning porn off computer free
The perverts should do this at home on their own machine, and then they wouldn't need to clean off the porn. Nevertheless, this would be a popular computer class for a library to give.

reflection what have I learned in the school librarian program
I sense plagiarism just around the corner.

why does masturbation have a soporific effect
It doesn't have that effect on everyone. Apparently, you're so boring during sex you even put yourself to sleep.

fancy paper to write on for people
If this is your idea of writing, maybe you should skip the fancy paper. I can't imagine any people wanting you to write on fancy paper for them anyway.

bizarre careers that pay well

irish librarian bottoms
This was a new one. How could you tell they were Irish? Perhaps they have little shamrocks tattooed on them.

job interview, powerpoint presentation tips
My tip is, don't do a Powerpoint presentation. Oh, and don't talk about what an exciting time it is to be a librarian, either. That stuff annoys me.

free porn from roanoke va
Does it have to be from Roanoke? What about Charlottesville? Charlottesville's nice. Or are you offering some?

porno difficulty
This is from Turkey. Let's just say you're going to have more difficulty when the Islamists take over.

motivational slogans for obese people
Get off your fat butt and stop eating so much! Or perhaps: have you considered a career in librarianship!

what does a librarian have a bs degree in
My only "BS" degree is in library science. The rest of them are in respectable subjects.


Dances With Books said...

Ah yes, better search terms for porn, how to keep that computer clean of porn, and knowing where to find your free porn. All part of the upcoming classes on Infoporn Literacy. Stay tuned.

Brent said...

So is there meta-tagging options? It would seem you put a lot of porn type lingo in it.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to our intrepid searcher who know how to spell "soporific." You seem to still be a consistent favorite amongst the "Erin go braless" crowd, but have lost your foot/shoe fetish ranking.


shade said...

I think in the "irish librarian bottoms" search "bottom" refers to submissives, not actual bottoms.

You probably don't get many requests for BDSM porn in research libraries. Or do you?

Anonymous said...

Shade, uhhh, can you explain how you know the difference between a BDSM bottom and a bum?

shade said...

I could, Taupey, but I'd have to charge you. ; )

Just a gut feeling based on a dissolute youth.

AL said...

This is just going to attract more websurfing perverts.

shade said...

sorry AL.