Tuesday, July 17, 2007

American Libraries Spam Delivery

It's bad enough that the ALA sold me out to scam artists last year. Now they're spamming me. I got an email from something called "American Libraries Special Delivery," which if there was any truth in advertising would be called "American Libraries Spam Delivery." The email was just spam advertising this company. I'm sure the company paid the ALA a lot to send out that particular spam, but couldn't the ALA have just placed an ad in American Libraries where it's guaranteed I'll never have to see it instead of cluttering up my inbox with it? Or at the very least placed it as an ad inside that exciting "AL Direct" they email each week? Apparently that was too subtle for the folks at American Libraries Spam Delivery. At least I can be sure to avoid buying anything from that company in the future.

There's a link in the spam saying if I don't want any more ALA spams, I can just click and they won't send me anything else, but of course they shouldn't have sent me anything in the first place. Next thing I know I'll be getting emails from the president of ALA saying she has millions of dollars she has to get out of Nigeria, and she desperately needs my help. That's one I might respond to, because I could use the money.


WDL said...

wait, the president of ALA isn't in Nigeria?


Dances With Books said...

Actually, it would not the President of ALA contacting you to get the money out, but the most "Esteemed" Attorney at Law or Solicitor on behalf of said president.

I hate those spamming Nigerians.