Thursday, July 12, 2007

Social Networking Opportunity for the Frustys

This was sent to me by a fan, and I'm passing it along for all the frustrated trendsetters (or frustys) who are always looking for another social network to infiltrate and another opportunity to "network" and "connect" and all that kind of stuff. Are you up for a challenge, frustys? I think there definitely needs to be a librarian presence in Late Night Shots. Perhaps a DC-based "Desk Set" could have a great time with these guys.


Dances With Books said...

I don't think the hipsters could be up to that challenge. I mean, how many of them belong to some fancy country club? Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe a few of them have trust funds, and they work in a library just to kill time 'til that acting gig.

Anonymous said...

Is there a word for non-nostalgia? The article brought things to my memory that I had either blanked out or told myself I was exaggerating. Wow. However, when I tell people to go to hell, now I have a network to send them to. Dante would be proud.

Read the comments. She struck a nerve.

Anonymous said...

Totally off-topic, but the July 13th posts here
made me throw up a bit.