Thursday, September 06, 2007

Annoyed Librarian Bloggers?

I'm going to take a break today from annoying you, or boring you, or entertaining you, or puzzling you, or whatever it is I usually do to you. Instead, I have a favor to ask.

I haven't really updated the AL blogroll in the past year, and I'd like to. (I also realize I haven't updated the AL Folksonomy since April; bad 2.0 kitty!) The blogroll is for blogs by annoyed and/or annoying librarians. The first category is usually defined by the blogger. The second category is defined by me, at least for the purposes of this blogroll.

If any of you write or know of any blogs by annoyed librarians that I don't already have listed, please send me suggestions or post them in the comments. I'll take a look and add them to the blogroll. I just hate to think there is a fellow annoyed librarian blogger out there that I'm not subscribing to. I'll even count bloggers who are annoyed with people like me. I'm an equal opportunity blogroller.



Jenn said...

Hi, AL.
I'm frequently annoyed and probably annoying, too. Sometimes I'm also: enthusiastic, stupid, mildly entertaining, wrong, rambly, confused. My blog, Please Be Quiet is enjoyed by the librarian with whom I share a wall, my brother-in-law and the people who self-google and then find my blog when I name-drop.

Thanks for your blog. I regularly enjoy it at the ref desk with my cafe au lait and have recommended it to the librarian with whom I share a wall. I suppose my brother-in-law might like it, too. I'll mention it to him.


Rachel said...

There's always Miss Information:

Dances With Books said...

If you don't have it yet, the effing librarian is always good for the annoying and annoyed (

And thanks for having me in your roll. Striving to be just annoying enough, finding myself often annoyed.

Emily Lloyd said...

I humbly submit my own blog, Shelf Check--home to a public library comic strip that is not gentle and kind.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I probably count as "annoying"


Anonymous said...

A blogger with the name 'Miss Information'?

Is this Mary Jo Lynch's (ALA Recruitment) blog?

Anonymous said...

While I have no blogs to offer, here's some catchy titles if anyone wants to start a new blog:

"The (insert here) librarian--wholly unique!"

"The journal of the non-relevant but highly peeved."

"I threw my life away and all I got was this diploma."


"The weblog of HIRE ME! PLEASE!!!!"

"I'm short but that's as close it gets to shortage."

"Public Librarian: My life in Hell"

"Academic Librarian: two degrees and three languages to tenure!"

"A Socialist librarian for progress: my journey as an oxymoron"

Well, maybe not the best titles but I hope I was annoying.

Vampire Librarian said...

I'm frequently annoyed so I'll submit my blog.

janitorx said...

"Academic Librarian: two degrees and three languages to tenure!"

You found my blog!

I think Liz over at Library Tavern seems pretty annoyed. Plus, I think she is changing careers. I'd buy her a drink!

Here's a whole bunch of annoyed librarians (and rightfully so!):

Anonymous said...

$26,000 a year!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be justify this salary with the fact MT has no sales tax and a fairly low income tax.

Wow! For 38k, you can ask for much more:,view/id,170/

Anonymous said...

$26,000 a year! wow! where can my wife & I park our van? down by the river?

Anonymous said...

you aren't going to entertain me? What?! DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!!!

Anonymous said...

you aren't going to entertain me? What?! DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!!!

Save that for the interview. Just remember to bring your top hat and cane. And oh, don't forget the poetry reading of your statement on the philosophy of reference as it relates to the social dynamic.

Belle Librarian said...

My contribution: Humorless Unionator has 2 blogs represented-A Librarian at the Kitchen Table and Union Librarian. Yikes. The other blogs mentioned by posters look good. Annoyed Librarian is the happy place at the Reference Desk. How we wish AL was on ALA council for our sanity and the sake of the organization.

Privateer6 said...

Humorless Unionator has a third blog as well LIBRARIAN.

Funny thing, she doesn't allow comments on one blog, and moderates the comments on the other two, not allowing anonymous postings. Me thinks she can't handle differing opinions.


Anonymous said...

Here is my new blog, inspired by you. I have only posted one short one so far, but I know I"ll have plenty of ammo for postings in my new job as a public librarian

Mark said...

I suppose I'm a badly annoyed librarian.

Anonymous said...

All the best annoyed librarians do their shopping at Gouger Library Supplies (

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Shop a Gouger Library Supplies. And Read Gouger's Laws of Library Science