Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Number 18!

Hey, boys and girls, it turns out that if you limit and massage your data enough, the Annoyed Librarian is the #18 library blog in the whole wide world! I just had a martini to celebrate. I might even be higher if they massaged a bit more, because part of it was based on Technorati ranking, and mine's gone up 45 points since they gathered their data.

I found this through Walt at Random. Walt was #8, but modest about the meaning. Not me, baby, I'll take what I can get. Number 18!

Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Viva Le Revolution!

Storm Ze bastille!

And remember, plunder FIRST, THEN pillage!

brian said...

18 is not too bad--but everyone knows you gotta be in the Top 15 to be L33T

Anonymous said...

Hey AL, why don't you fix something really annoying - the dates of your posts. They all show up in my RSS feed as being posted on 12/31/06. Annoying!

AL said...

I've got 3 feeds from this blog in both Bloglines and Google Reader, and they're all fine. Perhaps it's your reader.

Anonymous said...

Angry A-Listers are taking their biblioblogosphere back.