Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh, and Thanks

By the way, I got around to reviewing the comments on my post asking for suggestions for annoyed librarian bloggers. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I think I've added them all to AL's blogroll. Some of them are very funny and annoyed, and I'm sorry that I didn't run across such blogs as the Vampire Librarian, Miss Information, or Shelf Check sooner. Sometimes I'm so busy writing this blog I don't have time to find out what others are doing.

Also, thanks to all the folks who have been sending me such encouraging emails lately. I'll get around to answering them soon. Really, I will.


Anonymous said...

maybe you shoud take some pity on Miss Information and send her a recipe for a really good martini?

Vampire Librarian said...

Wow, thanks for the link, AL.
I hope I do you proud.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, vampire librarian? I actually wouldn't mind working a late-late night shift again. Although in summer running home to the coffin before sunrise can get to be a real drag.

It would beats hands down my current non-library job where I go in at two hours before dawn.

As for martinis, forget them, I go for dark-dark heavy thick German beer brewed by a thick necked Bavarian named Gunther.