Monday, October 06, 2008

The AL Sells Out

For those of you who've been missing me while I've been goofing off, you're in luck. For those of you hoping the AL would die off, you'll just have to keep hope alive against the odds. Perhaps there's some medication for you.

A couple of weeks ago, I said I'd be moving, and I am. From now on (or at least until the editor realizes what a troublemaker I can be and fires me), the Annoyed Librarian will be hosted at Library Journal.

Here's the new link:

The blog went live this morning. Please update your bookmarks, feeds, links, etc.

The move means that unlike the last few months, I'm going back to blogging in earnest. The editor really has promised me complete control, and she seems like a good egg, plus she's, you know, paying me. I might have been bored with fame, but I'm never bored with fortune.

The comments section will be as open as always, so you can continue to mix it up if you like.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm thinking it's library journal that sold out.

Anonymous said...

where's your RSS feed AL?

Dances With Books said...

Oh my goodness? You on Library Journal of all places? The same place people like the Berry man hung out. Should I worry about four horsemen riding in next? ;)

Well, good for you that you are getting a piece of the pie. I will move the rss. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

this is weird!

Anonymous said...

I agree-- where is your own RSS feed?

AL said...

They should be setting up the feed soon. I'll update this post with the direct feed as soon as I have it.

Oh, and it's weird for me, too!

Anonymous said...

I guess if you can't beat em, join em.

Ian said...

There's no beating in the library.

I'm Kat! said...

If they won't play your game, go beat them at theirs!!

Good luck drudging up new content. Ironically, in your absense your recycled topic gained over 100 replays. You can blame me for a couple of those replies, but overall, I think it was getting pretty good!!

Anonymous said...

Give them Hell. Somebody needs to shake this profession up.

Anonymous said...

I think of you as the Keith Olbermann of librarianship. Someone's got to tell it like it is!

RCN, San Francisco Bay Area

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that LJ will keep the comment threads more nearly on track than they've been recently? One can only hope.

P. Melanchthon

zombrarian said...

AL is the spider jerusalem of library land. God help us if they get their hands on a bowel disruptor.

SafeLibraries said...

The question is, given the relatively few comments on the LJ’s site compared to the AL’s, will the LJ become the Annoyed Library Journal?

As I said on another blog:

Let’s face it. The AL has got the consistently hottest librarian blog of anyone, and by far. By very far. Even the ALA’s own American Libraries Forum is hardly visited by 65,000+ members, but the AL gets hundreds of comments per single post. The ALA Forum has a hundreds comments total since it opened almost a year ago.

Further, the AL’s blog is interesting because it’s not just another outlet for the same old same old from the ALA. Look at all the blogs talking about how wonderful Banned Books Week is–sometimes cutting and pasting directly from the ALA at the ALA’s urging. The AL, on the other hand, can be countered on for a refreshingly different point of view, all done with dry wit, like her martinis. And with those hundreds of comments, many of them are really quite interesting as well.

The Library Journal, in picking up the AL, has just added a major magnet pulling in hundreds of people per day. I think it’s a great move for both the LJ and the AL. Yes, it’ll benefit the LJ’s bottom line (and even the AL’s), but at the same time it will provide a wider platform for freedom of speech and all those other high minded ideals librarianship is all about. It will open up honest discuss to an even broader community of librarians and patrons.

Bravo to the Library Journal, and brava to the AL.

The AL’s being anonymous is part of the fun and allure of her web site. I hope she stays anonymous.

The question is, given the relatively few comments on the LJ’s site compared to the AL’s, will the LJ become the Annoyed Library Journal?

SafeLibraries said...

Hey AL. Check out my new video, "Radical Militant Librarians Lampooned." It's only 32 seconds long.


You might also like "Public Library Protest Signs." It's 26 seconds.

Annoyed Reader said...

Still no RSS on LJ? Still no respect for the AL... plus, if you click over there, all you get is a blurb, and you have to click Read more to see the rest. If I've bothered to come to the site, it's because I want to read the whole damn thing! Geez!

Anonymous said...

The LJ wants to give themselves some credibility, I see.

Good Luck To You, AL!

dans said...

super thanx

Anonymous said...

I am a hunky straight black male librarian and i want your body.
Body of work that is.........

I will be checking on you from time to time so wear clean underwear