Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Library Five-O -- The State of Constant Change

We've all heard by now of Library 2.0. (Well, I'd never heard of it until ten minutes ago, when a devoted reader informed me how hot it was. I immediately went to my source on all hot news, the Flea Libary Newsletter, but found nothing! Thank goodness for Walt Crawford!)

Constant Change! Revolutionary! Oh dear. They are too slow for the Annoyed Librarian. That is sooo last year, and the Annoyed Librarian is way too hip to hop on that bandwagon. The Annoyed Librarian doesn't just embrace library change, she gives a tender squeeze to its enormous bottom and whispers sweet nuthins in its ear. She's tired of the library never changing. You know what she thinks when she hitches her horse and buggy outside her local library and goes in to still see this and this going on? Yuck!!

I want to bring to my faithful readers an even more revolutionary paradigm of a paradigmatic, synthesized, allegorized model of Constant Change: Library Five-O. Not only is this the first really synergistickly revolutionary and dynamically dynamic application of Constant Change ever introduced into the moribund library world, but it even has its own cool theme music.

So now, introducing the first ever "Library Five-O" Library, the revolutionary, incendiary, constantly changing:

"The only thing that never changes is the rhetoric."

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waltc said...

To quote Mae West, "Goodness has nothing to do with it."