Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Finding the AL

Being a librarian, I am of course fascinated by people's research behavior. Well, not fascinated, but at least mildly interested, or at least interested enough to squeeze a blog post out of how people search and find the Annoyed Librarian. I'm sometimes amused by the various web searches that lead people here. Most of the searchers are, quite naturally, looking for annoyed librarian. Searching Google just for annoyed also brings up the AL, and I'm glad to know that all those generally annoyed people out there can share in my specific annoyance.

I am especially pleased by the folks from various fields who search some variant of cambridge who's who or cambridge who's who scam. It does my heart good to know that those Cambridge Who's Who frauds get some light shined on their scam.

And then there are the odd searches. For example:

why do like srrt
Answer: I don't. And why is your question so oddly formed?

what is your greatest strength library job
I hope this person was helped out.

where do librarians work
This one really should be obvious: libraries. Maybe if you ask the question you're not really cut out for this field.

top ten reasons to see your librarian
I imagine some young librarian trying to persuade her clientèle to get on over to see her. Poor thing.

top 10 reasons to date a librarian
I just find this sad.

third grade volcano projects
They must have been surprised.

supervisor tips teamsters
I would recommend my Guide to Library Management. Maybe add a baseball bat.

some liberal arts students really have trouble believing their marketable
Yes, I imagine they do, especially if they still have trouble with the their/they're distinction. Their's probably a grammar book that can help you on that one.

sexually explicit "get stoned" hinder
I don't know what they were looking for, but it sounds kinky.

professional librarian feeling like mcdonalds
Is this person feeling like she works in a McDonald's? Or is it around lunch time and she's just hankering for a Big Mac? Maybe this is the way professional librarians find out where to get their lunch.

loriene roy republican
I doubt it, but I suppose anything's possible.

mlis sucks
You're tellin' me! Oddly enough, a lot of people search variants of this phrase. I sense some dissatisfaction out there.

librarians talk about graduate school
No, it's "library school," which is very different. It's like graduate school, but much, much easier.

librarians bitches
Not all of us.

librarian shaker
I was also looking for searches on librarian quaker and librarian mormon, but no luck. No librarian anabaptist either.

application letter for librarian position
Use one of the Annoyed Librarian Cover Letters as a template and you're sure to get the job!

It is with enthusiasm and interest that I am applying for a librarian position
Sure it is. Do you really expect us to believe that? And if it's true, that'll change after a few years on the job.

ignorant rubes
Probably looking for a support group.

i want to change careers to become a librarian
Don't do it! Life always looks greener on the other side of the fence.

i want to be a librarian but everyone makes fun of me
There's a reason for that.

how to improve myself as a librarian in school library
Don't bother. You won't be rewarded for it. Stay the same loser you are today, and we'll all still love you.

how do you get annoyed
Let me count the ways!

gay male mechanic needed
I can't decide if this is a gay male mechanic looking for a job, or someone looking for a gay male mechanic. Either way this will be a difficult search, I think. I considered making a joke about tools here, but this is a family blog.

do you need to know literature"\ to be a librarian
No, but it helps to know punctuation"\

does pee pee dance work
Work for what?

catchy phrases to attract job seekers
How about "Lots of money and very little work!"

bored with librarianship
And who isn't?


mdoneil said...

I had to do the pee pee dance to keep from ... well I was laughing.

It works!

Norma said...

I used to be librarian anabaptist, but now I'm librarian lutheran. My most popular question that brings people to my site is "How do you fix a broken zipper?" I think 2 out of every 100.

Also, I have a new blog, Growth Industry.

Dances with books said...

I am catching up on reading feeds, and this just made my morning. Thanks for the laugh. I almost did the pee pee dance too.

getalife said...

I too loved it! Thanks!