Friday, May 26, 2006

Exciting Opportunity for the Highly Educated Librarian!

Not exactly a job that sucks, but still. Here's a really exciting opportunity for someone who has an advanced degree in history, proficiency with several languages, reference and teaching experience, and an MLS. Think that kind of education and training are wasted? Heck, no. If you are that person, you could earn "$30,000 to less than $40,000." Don't set your sights too high, U. of Oregon!

"We want someone who can do everything," they say, "and we want them cheap!"

"The University of Oregon Libraries seeks a knowledgeable, creative, and user-oriented colleague for the position of Social Sciences Librarian/History."

But not too knowledgeable or creative--just $35K worth!

"This position provides the opportunity to participate in a wide range of services and professional responsibilities in a dynamic environment."

Is it really a dynamic environment? Just how dynamic? Would the candidate also need to be "enthusiastic"?

"The UO Libraries include 2.6 million volumes and approximately 15,000 current subscriptions, including many full-text electronic journals."

How many full-text electronic journals? Is it more than 10?

Some lucky person will end up with that job, and will no doubt be thinking, "it beats the 5/5 load at $19K/year I have now."

Some people complain that there aren't enough entry level jobs. Maybe it's the case that there's no such thing as an entry level job. There are just regular jobs at places too cheap to pay for experienced librarians.


Bunny Watson said...

You laugh, but my employer is seriously considering hiring an "entry level" temporary librarian for various "to be assigned" duties including night reference (where no one shows up) and other non-desirable tasks! For less than I make!! Woo-hoo!!! Sign me up, baby!

mdoneil said...

This is why I took my MLS to corporate America for more than double the low end of the salary scale.

21 months of public librarianship and I wanted to kill people. Now I work 9-5, have weekends off, travel to interesting conferences at firm expense and work with bright, well compensated, happy people.

I am not a librarian that undervalues his worth.

Annoyed Librarian said...

It's a sad world, Bunny. I'm not really laughing at this one, so much as bemoaning the fate of the poor sod who takes the job and attacking UO and others like her for having the nerve to want an experienced person with at least two graduate degrees and proficiency in several languages and yet still offer that low salary. Does that sort of education and experience come cheap? I guess so in some places.

I'm also not a librarian who undervalues my worth and I wouldn't even consider a job like that. But until 1) there really is a shortage of librarians, and 2) the best of the librarians stand up for themselves, this is going to be the reality. It's my fondest hope that the UO job would go unfilled for years.