Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fmail and Gmail

The Annoyed Librarian must apologize for some of the language below, but she learned the habit of careful quotation from her days as a cub reporter working for the Flea Libary Newsletter. So DO NOT read on if you're easily offended.


The Annoyed Librarian's Gmail account is full!

2700 megabytes and I don't have any more room left! And the email keeps coming faster than I can delete it!

What's causing all this, you might ask? That's a good question. The problem (and I certainly never thought I'd have this problem!) is FAN MAIL. Not everyone's fan mail, though, so keep on sending it!

There's this one particular person (and you know who you are!) who keeps sending me appreciative emails every couple of minutes 16-20 hours a day, complete with large photos of himself smiling in front of his computer at the Annoyed Librarian and mp3 files of himself enthusiastically saying "Sign me up, baby" in that cute accent. Though it shouldn't surprise me, because this person recently called blogs one of many "important applications and technologies."

But how much can one incredibly adorable gal take? Yes, I know that the Annoyed Librarian Cover Letter #1 was "ball-bouncingly funny" and that my parody "Regressive Librarians Guild" is "dead-on balls accurate." I know the Annoyed Librarian Doggerel shows I'm a "balls-to-the-wall literary genius" (you see what I have to endure!), and I really, really appreciate the sentiment, but I'm asking, I'm begging, please, pretty please:

Michael Gorman, Stop Sending Me Fan Mail!


P.B.I. Librarian said...


Eugene Levitzky said...

"Balls to the wall" simply refers to the "ball" on top of a gear shift in an airplane. When pressed forward for maximum speed (I think it's for maximum speed?), the "ball" hits the wall of the "dashboard" of the airplane, can go no further and is therefore said to be "balls to the wall."