Tuesday, June 20, 2006

UPDATE New Orleans: Bringing in the Troops!

Fortunately, we'll all be safe at the American Library Association conference in New Orleans, because they're bringing in the National Guard just to protect the librarians! Yay! Because there'd be trouble if lots of librarians were gunned down in the streets! Thanks for choosing a sweltering hot, crime-ridden tropical city for ALA!

From the IHT:

"NEW ORLEANS: In a blunt admission that New Orleans can no longer control its growing crime problem, Mayor C. Ray Nagin asked the state of Louisiana to send National Guard troops to help patrol the city streets.

Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco said that 100 troops, joined by 60 state police, would be in place as early as Tuesday morning. More are likely to arrive later in the week.

The mayor's plea Monday came after five teenagers were shot and killed with semiautomatic weapons in the Central City neighborhood while sitting in a sport utility vehicle Saturday morning. It was the deadliest single shooting attack in the city in 11 years, raising to 53 the number of murders this year.

In recent weeks, as crime increased and the police struggled to return to its strength from before Hurricane Katrina, many politicians, editorialists and citizens have asked for outside help, a move Nagin appeared to acknowledge was necessary as he asked for 300 Guard troops."

Nagin and Blanco did such a great job during Katrina, I'm sure they'll have this crime problem licked in no time!


P.B.I. Librarian said...

I recommend checking www.packing.org to make sure your state's carry permit is good in NOLA, then bring something easily concealable in the heat, but big enough to get the job done.

A Glock 36 comes to mind.

Have a good time...

Norma said...

NOLA's murder rate has actually been down since a lot of criminals left town or were flooded out. Before Katrina it was 53.1 per 100,000, twice that of Iraq.

But have a great time indoors.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the problem is they went to Houston, where the crime rate thus went up.

Anonymous said...

If they protest Laura Bush when she speaks to them, have the National Guard 'shoot em' Ha! HA!
They will be a hostile audience, I am sure

Anonymous said...

Great Malkin commentary on Laura Bush vs. Loony Librarians here:


and here: